Personal Finance Education:
Did the school system fail you too?

Personal finance education sounds like something that might have given you financial intelligence for life, but that you likely were never exposed to.

Ever ask yourself: "Why am I always broke?" Well, chances are, along the way you were never shown a path to learn how to become financially savvy

Guess what! You're not alone.

Pile of Cash: Personal Finance Education

Although some rare institutions make the effort, this knowledge is by and large never taught in our schools.

The rich often pass it on to their kids to teach them how to manage wealth they already have.

But, if you don't have any wealth to start with, and you've never learned the fundamentals of managing money, you may be in for a long and rough ride!

Decide to Take a Better Path!!

Why not set sail to explore how this whole money thing actually works!

In its simplest form, personal finance basics can be encapsulated in the skills of managing your expenses, so that they never overtake your income, and then you can multiply what you get to keep.

Of course, there is so much more to it than that, like the acclaimed "paying yourself first" technique, budgeting, saving to invest, insurance, taxes, retirement planning, good debt versus bad debt, wealth creation, and the list goes on.

Have you always worried because of that feeling of never being financially secure?

Or maybe you just could never figure out how to set yourself on a solid path to financial success?

Chances are, like so many others, your financial education is what unknowingly ails you!

For many, seeking that eureka moment that will set you on your path to financial success is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

People truly struggle, not knowing when or how they'll finally be financially free - if ever!

Invariably, the common denominator is a lack of financial education that, frankly, we should all have received in school.

Imagine the good it would've done, if next to trigonometry or other courses that most of us will never use in the real world, instead we had received a required financial literacy class!

Some argue that it is not an oversight, but an omission by design in the school system, to keep the masses financially illiterate and the wealthy elite on top.

The fact is, historically the school system was never intended to teach the masses how to get rich.

It was designed to produce wage earners with specific skill sets and limited earning power (so that the ruling class can keep more of the profits).

There were actually times in the past where knowing too much about money was frowned upon and considered objectionable, even ungodly.

That could all explain why to this day so many go through life without a solid grasp of money principles.

Welcome to Squarecubic!

Whatever your take on this may be, at Squarecubic we believe that information is power and knowledge is irreversible.

Once you know something, the spilled beans can never be put back in the can.

Our PhD edupreneur founder believes this to be potently true with financial knowledge. 

If you were lucky enough to have parents or mentors who taught you the money game from an early age, you may already be well acquainted with the so elusive financial independence that everyone dreams about.

You may have put money in profit-yielding investments from a young age and harvested the benefits of compound interest that can do wonders over extended periods of time.

But statistically speaking, that is probably not the case.

Perhaps like most, you did not have that chance and you are in need of information to get you on the right track today.

No matter what your situation, the sooner you start educating yourself about finances, the better your chances of realizing your financial dreams.

The more you expose yourself to financial information, reading books, watching videos, getting courses, subscribing to websites, the more you exponentially multiply your chances to find life-changing information.   

Setting out on your journey without a personal finance education is akin to getting behind the wheel on the freeway of life with a blindfold.

It is no wonder that so many end up in a ditch with out-of-control credit card debt, bankruptcies, constantly penniless, mired in the dreaded unplanned retirement morass, and basically a lifetime of financial struggles.

It doesn’t have to be that way! We can all make the decision to start educating ourselves today and learn what we need to know for a future of financial success and know-how.

Here, you are regularly exposed to information that will illuminate your path to financial freedom.  

Why "Squarecubic"?

The square-cube law is a mathematical principle that basically states that growth is proportional to the scale of its foundation.

This is why you won't see an elephant on antelope's legs. The smaller the base, the greater the chance of collapse. 

Therefore, Squarecubic advocates financial growth through a robust base of financial literacy.

Here, you will get tips on how to make money online and offline. Globally, tips for understanding money in general.

We select topics that comprehensively aim to build a path to wealth and financial literacy; so get-rich-quick schemes "ain't it"! 

Why Is This Important? 

All in all, there is method to growing a money tree, or taking care of one; and you're not likely to succeed by chance.

You have to invest yourself in constantly getting constructive financial insights.

The web is a very noisy place. We toil through it so that you don't have to.

Our M.O. is to offer only a stream of financial information that is vetted and actionable, and fosters steady and sturdy growth through financial intelligence. 

We are strong believers that creating multiple streams of income, especially with the proliferation of online side hustles, will be a strong player in the economy of early 21st century and beyond.

More and more people are taking the leap and building their own side or main gig rather than relying on an uncertain 9 to 5 "real life" job.

Thankfully, there's never been an easier time than now to make your own luck - with historically low entry barriers and no limit to how high you can go.

Take your own leap, here or somewhere else, but do get that snowball rolling today!
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