ConvertKit Review
The Email Platform for Bloggers & Creators?

“What is ConvertKit?”, you may ask. You wouldn't be alone, as this is a relatively undiscovered email marketing software on the scene. This ConvertKit review will help you decide if it is right for you and your business. 

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ConvertKit is currently known for the most part by professional bloggers, podcasters, course creators and YouTubers. It is the brainchild of creators for creators to connect with their fans, and earn a living through a sharp email marketing tool.

If you’re thinking that this sounds rather appealing beyond the intended target group, you’re absolutely right. The appeal is real and rising. Read on to find out more...

What Is ConvertKit?

ConvertKit began in 2013 under the initiative of Nathan Barry, a blogger who was looking for a more creator-friendly email marketing solution.

The platform has since grown to power email lists for over 428,000 creators reaching 253 million subscribers. Overall, ConvertKit targets bloggers and other content creators and is less popular for eCommerce websites or brick-and-mortar businesses.

Like other email marketing tools, it enables you to build an email list and connect with your subscribers. But in this ConvertKit review, you will find all the functions set on autopilot, from sending broadcast emails to your complete list, to sending automated email sequences and converting your subscribers into buyers. First, let’s outline some pluses and minuses.

ConvertKit Review: Pros and Cons

ConvertKit Pros

  • User-friendly functionality

  • Free plan for managing up to 1000 email subscribers

  • Easy to use even for beginners

  • Free migrations enable you to switch from your existing email marketing provider to ConvertKit free of charge, including lists and files

  • Best email deliverability rate; over a billion messages with a delivery rate of 99%

  • No charge for duplicate subscribers; unlike other services, charges are for “unique subscribers” only
  • Sends unlimited emails no matter what plan you’re on

  • Frequent software updates with new and unique features

  • Usage of tags so that you can easily segment your email list and send newsletters or broadcasts to specific people for better conversions (as opposed to emailing entire list)

  • Ability to create unlimited landing pages

  • Access to visual automation funnels helps you discover the journey of your email subscribers, ultimately helping you with higher conversion rates

  • Top of the line reporting and analytics features allow you to see the top performers among your email subscribers

ConvertKit Cons

  • Limited email templates and visual appeal (mainly plain text, but effective). For more striking email design, you’ll need to customize with an HTML editor

  • Can be a bit more expensive than other comparable email marketing platforms

  • Comparatively less Integrations options (than the competition, e.g., ActiveCampaign)

  • Comparatively less flexible automations (than the competition, e.g., ActiveCampaign)

ConvertKit Review: Features

ConvertKit’s standout features include its auto-responder, its subscriber management, and its form building capabilities.

ConverKit appears to have opted for simple (but effective) email design. Empirically speaking, text emails are known to convert better than options with fancy designs. But, for those partial to eye-pleasing email designs, you have the option to go the coding or HTML route.

ConvertKit email has 2 alternatives: The Broadcast option (individual email), and the Sequences option (sequence of related emails).

Email editor

There is a very limited range of email and newsletter templates, and the editing options are very basic. ConvertKit’s email editor does not come with bells and whistles as might be seen in other top programs.

The bare essentials attributes of this editor are arguably based on the deliberate choice to keep its functions stripped down.

Subscriber management

ConvertKit applies email tags to subscribers (e.g., subscribers from January 2022). You can apply multiple tags to a subscriber.

You can also select tags, forms, autoresponders, etc., to attach to each subscriber. In other words, you can add specific stamps to all online actions for optimum control.

You can import subscribers from your other email platforms to ConvertKit.

You can apply analytics to subscribers for metrics like average open rate, average click rate, sales conversion, purchasing trail, etc.

Personalization and Segmentation

ConvertKit enables you to personalize how you process subscribers by categorizing them into segments specifying the forms and landing pages used, the customer acquisition date, the location, the purchasing channels, etc.

ConvertKit provides first-rate landing pages. You don’t need your own domain, website, or hosting. You get a selection of great templates that you can redesign and edit to your liking.

Also included are advanced features that enable you to nudge new subscribers towards specific action, emailing them a special offer, presenting a different message to returning subscribers, or changing your online marketing messaging.


ConvertKit simplifies the task of using autoresponders, first with its tagging subscribers feature. Second, with easy forms to fill out for any desired email sequence.

ConvertKit’s autoresponders provide a competitive advantage. They are easy to use and highly effective, but don’t come in the free plan.

ConvertKit Review: ConvertKit’s Pricing

The free plan includes unlimited emails to 1,000 recipients per month. Segmentation and autoresponders are not included, but forms and landing pages are.

The Creator plan costs $29 per month for 1,000 subscribers and costs $29 per month. This plan is somewhat restricted.

The total package comes with the Creator Pro plans which start at $59 per month.

ConvertKit Review: Summary

ConvertKit does not try to be everything to everyone. It was created to cater to a certain “audience-in-the know” and to bloggers and other creators.

For instance, the founders believe strongly that simple text email outperforms other formats and thus, they will not pursue a bells-and-whistles approach to email design.

ConvertKit has excellent functionality for its target market and beyond. It makes a great tool at no cost for anyone serving up to 1000 subscribers.

Above that threshold, ConvertKit offers pricing that is competitive. Your choice of email marketing platform will then depend on the features that are most important to you and your business.

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