Quickbooks Essentials,
Plus, Simple Start &
Affiliate Program Review

Quickbooks Essentials allows online users to easily and efficiently track income and expenses, invoice and accept payments, pay bills and manage cash flow, optimize tax deductions, capture and organize receipts, track miles and much more.

Woman on computer: Quickbooks Essentials is a robust business accounting program with a solid affiliate program.

Disclosure:  We recommend products we believe to be suited for our own use and for our readers. We may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you through purchases made via affiliate links on this page.

It also comes with 3 users included and gives users the ability to invite 2 outside accountants to review the books.

Quickbooks Essentials is one of 4 Intuit Quickbooks plans and is highly featured by the company.

In this article will take a look at Quickbooks as a whole and introduce you to the moneymaking Quickbooks affiliate program.

Quickbooks Overview

Quickbooks is a very useful piece of software that makes running a business easier and more productive. By tracking bill status, recording payments, and setting up recurring payments, Quickbooks enables users to manage their expenses and worry less about payment deadlines.

In addition, Quickbooks allows business owners to manage contractors, pay employees, track time, track miles traveled, and much more. It works on all of your devices, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.

There are numerous Quickbooks plans and products available, from Simple Start, to Quickbooks Essentials, to Plus for product-based businesses, or Quickbooks Enterprise.

The variety of plans covers users’ needs from self-employed independent contractors, to established enterprise-grade business operators with hundreds or thousands of customers, vendors, and other parties that can be managed with the help of up to 30 staff users.

Benefits of QuickBooks Essentials and Other Quickbooks Plans

  • There is no shortage of QuickBooks resources easily found online. There are over 750 apps through QuickBooks Online and other third-party tools.

  • There is a large amount of varied help options, from individual or professional usage assistance via video tutorials, training courses, webinars, community forums or QuickBooks customer support.

  • Includes mobile app functionality

  • You'll find detailed reporting and record-keeping of income and expenses that be subcategorized and referenced by numbers, memos, receipts, screenshots, etc.

  • There are helpful analytics that allow you to monitor finances, sales performance, or flag costs, company growth, etc.

  • Has business management features including inventory management, purchase orders, reorder tracking, vendor oversight, cost of goods, and the ability to integrate with external websites.

  • Quickbooks is well-known and fast rising as a trusted and affordable DIY or assisted tax-filing software.

QuickBooks Cost

At time of publication:

  • Quickbooks Simple Start, $30/month
  • Quickbooks Essentials, $55/month
  • Quickbooks Plus, $85/month
  • Quickbooks Advanced, $200/month

QuickBooks Affiliate Program

The Quickbooks affiliate program offers individuals an opportunity to generate income by sending clients to QuickBooks. You receive a commission each time a customer uses your referral link to make a purchase.

This can be accomplished by adding links to your website, blog, email list or social media pages. Once you’ve applied ad been accepted into the program, you are given access to tools and resources to promote the sale of QuickBooks Online products.

Quickbooks stands out with their affiliate program, in that is open for grabs and offers a commission rate of 10% per sale. With the cookie duration of 45 days, QuickBooks gives you a lucrative way to engage with your audience.

The application process is easy and only requires that you join the Quickbooks affiliate program via CJ (formerly Commission Junction). If you don’t already have a CJ account, opening one is equally easy. Applying for the Quickbooks affiliate program and CJ is open and free of charge.

How Do You Make Money With the QuickBooks Affiliate Program?

The commission plan for this program is as follows:

Affiliates can earn from 7% up to 10% on signups based on sales ranking. The more you sell, the higher your commission percentile.

Quickbooks also pays out $25 bonuses and gives affiliates a discount that they can use to entice customers. The low payment threshold ($50 minimum commission earnings for a check to be processed for you) allows newbies to receive their first payment faster.

As an approved affiliate, you are able to use QuickBooks’ creatives and recognizable logos. Affiliates will also receive content, banners, and links for their promotional strategies.

Sales can be monitored via the QuickBooks Affiliate Toolkit where you can run reports anytime to see all your affiliate data and commission earnings.

Whether you are a user or an affiliate, or you’re eying Quickbooks Essentials or Quickbooks Desktop, the 30-day free trial can help you decide which option works best for you.

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