15-Day Challenge Affiliate Program To Start Making Thousands Of Dollars

The 15-day Challenge Affiliate Program is a flagship affiliate marketing offer by Legendary Marketer, one of the top operators in the industry. Affiliate marketing can be explained as a business activity in which middlemen promote products sold by another company, earning commissions in the process as sales are credited to them via a customized internet link.

This model can be extremely appealing because it involves no customer support, no buying or selling of physical products, no shipping and handling of any kind.

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A good affiliate marketing program typically only needs you to drive online traffic to their sales page where they are very skilled at converting your traffic into product sales. In addition, they specialize in up-selling more of their products on your behalf, that is to say crediting you commissions on all the additional sales.

Affiliate marketing can be the easiest and greatest gigs out there if you work with a quality high-ticket affiliate program. All you need is good content that adds value to your audience and optionally, a sales funnel.

15-Day Challenge Affiliate Program: How This Affiliate Marketing Offer Works

Start With an Opt-In Page

If you use a funnel, the opt-in page that you present typically provides a sort of teaser about your affiliate offer and those interested are asked to give their email address email so that additional information about the offer is sent to them.

The opt-in page is an excellent way to collect email addresses for you by piquing your audience’s interest. This is doubly important because not all of your traffic will make purchases on first contact.

With the collected email addresses, you’ll be able to make an effective second or third pitch, or simply remind your contacts of something that might have piqued their interest but they haven’t acted on it yet.

An effective email sequence could literally be your ticket to a small fortune! You can include an additional product, or multiple product offers through emails spaced out over periods of a few days. Highly successful affiliate marketers all do this routinely. Find out more here.

Also, while a platform like TikTok only gives you about a minute to present your affiliate product, an opt-in- page will allow you to add a bit more information and ask for that email address.

Add a Bridge Page

With the email addresses, you will be able to send your contacts to the bridge page. You won’t do any of this manually. This is an automated step of the funnel builder that you’ll choose (more on funnels here).

The bridge page provides even more information about the affiliate product that you're promoting and all the benefits the buyer will gain from it. This is your last step to warm up the potential buyers with information on how the product will solve their problem, before sending them to the actual sales page (via your unique affiliate link which you will display on the page).

Once your contacts land on the sales page your mission as an affiliate marketer is accomplished. The affiliate program will have experts highly trained in sales conversion to go the rest of the way.

Always choose an affiliate program with high conversion and a first-rate sales page, for obvious reasons. Your commission payments when your followers make a purchase will depend on it!

Always Have a Call to Action

As this is the page where you insert your affiliate link, it is imperative that you include a call to action (CTA) telling people to click on the link for info they “don’t want to miss” or a deal on the product that they are interested in.

It is important to understand that you must treat affiliate marketing as a business if you want to be successful at it. This includes attracting customers consistently, preferably through organic, free traffic generated by frequent content posting that provides value to your audience.

You can do this through a website, a YouTube account, social media, etc. Paid ads campaigns can also be considered if money is no object, as long as they are strategically deployed.

All this is doable. No specialized skills are needed to be able to pull this off. It has gotten even easier with the advent of TikTok where anyone can develop a following with a very simple tool.

The main thing that you need to focus on is providing value to your audience. You need to know your audience and how to provide content to them that can be tied to your affiliate product. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to offer a product like clear dental braces while your content is focused on toenail fungus, right? It must be relevant.

Breakdown of the 15-Day Challenge

The 15-day Challenge Affiliate Program by Legendary Marketer, is a popular product that has been converting very well. It is a full step-by-step training that teaches people how to start an affiliate marketing business online and is a concise all-around online business course.

The Challenge takes participants through a simple process of 15 days worth of training that teaches them how to start a high profit high-ticket affiliate marketing business online.

The reason affiliate marketing is bar none one of the best online gigs you can embark on is that you have no headaches like shipping, selling, or dealing with customers.

You just create content and drive your traffic to the affiliate program’s page by warming them up for the purchase. The rest is done for you by conversion specialists. This is what’s so appealing about the 15-day Challenge Affiliate Program by Legendary Marketer.

Their entry point is very low-resistance for a high-ticket affiliate offer. It only costs $7! However, Legendary Marketer’s sales funnel doesn’t stop there. They will pitch a sequence of products to your traffic that starts very low but goes up to $2500 or more for lengthy subscription signups.

Again, these up-sells are credited to you for bringing in the traffic and that’s where you are able to get thousands of dollars in commission payments with Legendary Marketer’s rate of 40% lifetime share of sales. So, if one of the people that you introduce to this decides to buy the $7 product (pretty easy conversion), and later they take an interest in a $2500 product, Legendary Marketer will also pay you that 40% commission ($2500 x 40% = $1000!)

Your chances of making thousands of dollars online are clearly much higher with a high-ticket high conversion affiliate program with a mix of low cost introductory offers and high-ticket up-sells, plus a high conversion and high commission rate to boot.

15-Day Challenge Affiliate Program: Background and More Essential Information

Here is a bit of background on Legendary Marketer that might put at ease those who are a little skeptical. Legendary Marketer is a high selling affiliate marketing program founded by CEO Dave Sharp, who is also President and co-founder of Empower Network, LLC. established in 2011.

This is not a fly by night amateur, but a renowned coach, mentor and multi-million dollar affiliate marketer who has taught his methods to thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs. He is an online business expert with a vast selection of products that can make you thousands upon thousands of dollars in commissions.

To be approved in the Legendary Marketer affiliate program, it is required that you undergo the 15-day challenge yourself. You can think of the $7 cost as an entrance fee, but remember how easy and convenient the program is. You don’t have to sell anything, recruit anyone, or provide any customer support.

Your $7 buys you the 15-day Challenge Affiliate Program, essential training that will teach you the ins-and-outs of affiliate marketing, promoting an affiliate program, or making money online. You can find out more here.

The 15-day Challenge Affiliate Program is designed to teach you the fundamentals. Some of you (or your traffic) will want to expand your knowledge and become really knowledgeable about the business of making money in affiliate marketing and other related subjects.

Legendary Marketer will, yes, try to up-sell you with recurring offers (so does every business that knows how to sell; that’s where a lot of the money is!). You can always take it or leave it at your leisure, but these are offers of high quality courses and training modules from a very reputable company.

Legendary Marketer is not as highly regarded as it is without a good reason. This is an established, well-run organization that is one of the best in the field. It is up to each individual how deep he or she wants to dive into the education and how much they’re willing to spend on it.

Some people decide to go all-in, including the popular Legendary Marketer networking events. They choose to do so in order to become deeply versed into all the business possibilities. Legendary Marketer provides them with choices and opportunity.

Some people wonder whether Legendary Marketer is a scam, or a pyramid scheme of some sort. This is a legit affiliate marketing outfit with a serious team behind it, and a first-rate track record. Are they going to try to up-sell you? Yes! But, you can buy the products, or not; and you can stay, or leave. Click here to check it out. You have nothing to lose but much you could gain.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the products offered and the prices of some of the items they will sell for you (or to you, if interested):

  1. The Insider’s Guide to Affiliate Marketing Ebook ($1.99)
  2. 15-Day Business Builder Challenge ($7)
  3. The Copywriter’s Playbook for 2022 ($1)
  4. 15 Second Free Leads ($1)
  5. Legendary Marketer’s Club ($30/mo)
  6. Legendary Marketer High-Ticket Items
  7. Traffic University
  8. Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  9. Digital Products Business Blueprint ($2,500)
  10. Live Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint

So, the potential to make good money is self-evident, but they warn you: it won’t just happen! You have to diligently work at this if you want results.

Become an affiliate and start making money online. Be equipped to put your success in overdrive with a sales funnel builder and an autoresponder. These two are highly sought instruments of the affiliate marketer’s tool box. To learn more affiliate marketer tips see this page.

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