Birch Gold Review
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Birch Gold is one of the top dealers of physical precious metals in the United States. The Birch Gold Group is a Gold IRA specialist and they service investors who want to buy gold and/or add it to an IRA.

For novice investors who are just beginning to invest in gold or precious metals, they come highly recommended because this is a one-stop-shop where all investors' worries can be addressed.

Birch Gold can be an exciting investment and affiliate program.

Disclosure:  We recommend products we believe to be suited for our own use and for our readers. We may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you through purchases made via affiliate links on this page.

Birch Gold provides a host of priceless services, such as precious metals storage, bullion brokerage, and retirement planning assistance. Birch gold has also recently relaunched their affiliate program.

About Birch Gold

Birch Gold is a gold and precious metals dealer based in Burbank California and in operation since 2003.

The business was launched after the Tax Payer Relief Act of 1997 which made it possible for Individual Retirement Account (IRA) investors to anchor their investment savings in Treasury Department minted gold and silver.

The volatility of the stock market and most monetary investments tends to lead prudent investors to seek safer alternative investment vehicles.

Birch Gild enjoys a great reputation for managing IRAs that contain investments in gold or other precious metals.

In addition to retirement planning assistance, the Birch Gold Group provides precious metals brokerage and storage, as well as one of the most affordable minimum investments in gold, starting at only $10,000 - which is many folds lesser than the usual minimum fare.

Birch Gold Affiliate Program

If you succeed in being approved by the Birch Gold affiliate program, you may be in luck. Many blogs that they work with are entirely funded by proceeds from their affiliate sales.

The Birch Gold Group program is difficult to be approved for but has a lot to offer, including excellent commission payouts, bonuses and referral payments, and top-notch promotions that facilitate selling their products.

With a minimum order of $10,000, if you bring high-quality traffic, it’s easy to see how much you could rack up in commission payments. Their commission rates that range from 3 to 5% offer a base for very appetizing conversions.

Birch Gold does not only sell gold; they also offer a wide variety of products including platinum, silver, palladium, and cryptocurrency with their BitIRA program. This widens the size of the audience that can be reached.

Birch Gold Affiliate Program Payment Scale

Birch Gold starts by giving you a bounty payment of $25 to thank you for the work you do in referring each qualified lead. They define a qualified lead as follows:

  • U.S. resident

  • Contacted by a Birch Gold representative to confirm interest in the services

  • Has a minimum of $10,000 in possible investment equity

There is a 3 to 5% commission range that is broken down to affiliate applicants. It basically kicks in with 3% commission for sales between $10,000 and $50,000; It then jumps to 4% commission for sales between $50,000 and $250,000. And for sales above $250,000, the commission rate is 5%.

As an example, if you refer a client that decides to open a Gold IRA with $100,000, your base commission payment on this one transaction will be $4,000.

But it gets better since the Birch Gold affiliate program has lifetime cookies. So, no matter how many times this client adds to his/her Birch Gold investment portfolio in the future, the commission from this client will always belong to you.

The only downside is that the Birch Gold affiliate program is very choosy in their selection of affiliate partners (less than 200 approvals in the past couple of decades).

On the other hand, they are always actively looking for a great source of traffic and vow to treat you like royalty if you are able to bring that to the table. Traffic may come from your search marketing, social media, YouTube, or personal sources.

The approval process is based on applicants’ skill level, or being functional both with online marketing and the field of precious metals. But, if your traffic is strong, who knows what can happen, right?

In spite of being newly relaunched, the program is already paying out over $1,000,000 in referrals per year.

Available Affiliate Program Resources

Affiliates receive program backing with the following resources:

  • 800 Toll-free number
  • Tech Support
  • Wide Banner Selection
  • Promotional Videos
  • Lead Magnets
  • Affiliate Center
  • Affiliate Network

The platform on which the Birch Gold affiliate program is run is the HasOffers Network.

Advantages of the Birch Gold Group

  • A relatively affordable $10,000 Gold IRA investment

  • A strong buyback program at fair prices

  • A wide variety of products and precious metals

  • A specialized workforce well versed in Wall Street, IRAs and the IRS

  • A platform with up-to-date industry news that is relevant or in real-time

  • A reputation of trust and reliability in a sometimes shady industry

Unlike other providers of precious metal and IRAs, Birch Gold sells relatively easily. They also boast an expert staff of gold investing and invaluable connection with storage facilities.

Both investors and affiliates can set themselves up for fruitful future gains by joining the Birch Gold Group or the Birch Gold affiliate program.

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