Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program Review

Add the Liberty Mutual affiliate program to your passive income portfolio by promoting this renowned brand.

Founded in 1912, with its corporate headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, Liberty Mutual is a diversified insurer that employs over 45,000 people and has operations in 29 different nations and economies today. The business has expanded to become the sixth-largest property and casualty insurer in the US.

Man and Woman in Office: See if the Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program is right for you.

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On the Fortune 100 list of the largest U.S. companies, Liberty Mutual was ranked 77th based on earnings for 2019. Full lines of coverage are offered for individual life insurance, valuables insurance, home insurance, auto insurance, and insurance for valuables and valuables.

Liberty Mutual Insurance covers the entire spectrum of services and as an affiliate, the Liberty Mutual affiliate program enables you to help their clients and safeguard their families, as well as expand their businesses and make investments in the future.

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program Overview

Each time a visitor to your website, blog or social media pages clicks on your custom link and fills out a quote, you, as a participating publisher in the Liberty Mutual affiliate program, will be paid a commission.

Your earning potential increases as you drive more quotes. In addition, you may qualify for a higher payout if you can demonstrate that your content attracts quality traffic.

You can sign up for the Liberty Mutual affiliate program through CJ (formerly Commission Junction), a third-party partner that offers impartial tracking, real-time reporting, and revenue processing. Upon approval, you can select your promotional Liberty Mutual creatives and begin earning commission.

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program Commissions

Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program Affiliates earn:

  • $10 for each lead received for auto insurance
  • $10 for each lead for home insurance while paying
  • $3 for each lead for renter's insurance.

For this affiliate program, there is a 30-day cookie, and payouts are processed monthly through CJ.

Benefits of the Liberty Mutual Affiliate Program

  • As an affiliate, you get some of the highest commissions in the insurance category.

  • Thanks to frequent promotions, affiliates are able to earn bonuses.

  • Liberty Mutual is a well-known company with commercials that run frequently on TV (LiMu Emu and Doug, in bright yellow colors).

    This helps with brand recognition when you promote the company utilizing their familiar and professionally designed marketing creatives.

  • Custom marketing creatives are also available to affiliates by request.

  • You get direct access to an affiliate support team that is responsive and diligent.

    Affiliates can benefit from this added support because the multitude of insurance products offered for homes, cars, renters and others can be explained in detail by professional and knowledgeable customer service agent. This can lead to more sales and conversions.

It is worth considering adding this reliable and recognized company to your affiliate programs mix to boost your income.

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