Goldco Affiliate Program Review

Make Money With Precious Metals

The Goldco Affiliate Program is a platform on which you can manage precious metal investment assets like gold and silver. Programs that deal with high-value assets, like precious metals, are extremely lucrative and can make you lots of money quickly.

Goldco Affiliate Program

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You may already know that as an affiliate program operative, you can generate sizable income making money online without the need to own anything or sell anything.

Now, the Goldco affiliate program offers 8% commission to affiliates, going up to 10% for higher volume affiliate sales. They also pay out $165 minimum on qualified leads, which in and of itself is a boon.

A Word On Goldco

Goldco is a Los Angeles based company that has been around since 2006. Their specialties are precious metals and working with investors to help protect individuals’ retirement financial assets.

The company offers a range of products and services from direct gold and silver investments to retirement assets diversification.

A specialized agent is assigned to clients to help them navigate the intricacies of precious metal investing and core knowledge of the variety of products.

Goldco is known as a highly reputable outfit with celebrity clients that demand the best.

The gist of what Goldco does is help people safeguard their retirement funds against stock market declines and currency depreciation.

Precious metals are a known go-to strategy for investors to try and accomplish this.

How Does The Goldco Affiliate Program Work?

In a nutshell, the Goldco affiliate program works by having affiliates refer clients to Goldco for investments. Affiliates can do this as simply as through their content, recommendations, reviews, and so forth.

As mentioned above, the Goldco affiliate program gives affiliates a fantastic opportunity to make significant affiliate commissions.

Commission rates are 8%, and up to 10% for higher volume affiliate sales, as well as a second-tier plan earning 1% of the secondary affiliate’s sales.

They also pay a bounty of $165 minimum for each qualified lead.

The Goldco affiliate program is an exciting one that pays out millions of dollars every month.

They have a 30-day cookie duration and they process payments through Pay-Pal.

To help with your marketing tasks, they make available multiple types of creatives that you can use on a variety of marketing channels, email, social media, paid search, organic SEO, etc.

They also allow affiliates to use their own marketing creatives, as long as it’s preapproved by the Goldco affiliate manager. This, by the way, is a rare nod in the affiliate marketing industry.

How to Join the Goldco Affiliate Program

Simply go to affiliate signup and complete the free and easy application.

The approval process is rigorous and may require that you present a professionally looking website with decent monthly traffic statistics.

The requirements are not stated, but it’s common sense to presume that websites that are engaging and exhibit good readership and visitor stats would be higher on the list.

Related information on precious metal investments and pertinent content or pages such as gold IRAs would likely be a big plus as well.

Understandably, premium affiliate programs can prove a bit more nitpicky about the affiliates they approve and their overall profiles. So, you must put your best foot forward, particularly as we’re dealing with high-value investments and precious metals.

Your affiliate disclosure may also be put to the test. Obviously, it must be displayed unequivocally on any affiliate site.

You might also consider being proactive and updating it to make sure that it meets more stringent scrutiny.

The Bigger Picture

Being knowledgeable about the field you’re operating in is as always the best place to start. In this case, keep in mind that, in addition to directly purchasing precious metals, investors have the option to open a precious metals IRA.

Affiliates can and should pitch both! Goldco facilitates both the opening a precious metals IRA and/or easily purchasing precious metals.

The following are the steps involved in opening an IRA with Goldco. A Goldco agent will walk each investor step-by-step so he/she fully understands what’s covered in:

  • Opening the IRA account

  • The terms of the agreement

  • Signing the contract

  • Completing the purchase

  • Rolling over assets from another retirement account tax free

  • Acquiring the chosen precious metals to include in the account

Goldco has a straightforward, no-fuss, procedure for purchasing precious metals and is a great choice for those looking to acquire precious metal assets in various forms.

They also offer clients a wide inventory of products to choose from, whether the objective is to protect their retirement assets, or just purchase high-value gold and silver commodities, etc.

As soon as their account is funded (bank transfer, check, etc.), clients are ready to pick their precious metal of choice by going on the Goldco inventory page.

For affiliates, Goldco is an exciting opportunity to make significant amounts of money. Affiliates create and market content to promote Goldco’s investment assets from which they earn a commission in return.

A lot of investors are spooked by the volatility of the stock market, cryptocurrency, and other high risk investments.

As an affiliate, if you can point them towards relatively safer and more stable investments such as precious metals and associated IRA savings, there may not be much convincing needed.

Goldco facilitates the entire process, and the more people you send their way, the better chances of high and sustained commission earnings. You might even become a client yourself while racking up the commissions…

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