How Much Is Bluehost Hosting Going To Cost?

How much is Bluehost web hosting? Bluehost is among the top and most popular website hosts around today, hands down!

In fact, it is heavily promoted by bloggers and YouTubers because it is just a very a credible product to promote. This speaks to its popularity and bankability.

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Bluehost web hosting is also one of the most sensible choices price-wise, depending on how you plan to work with it. It is commonly advertised as starting at $2.95 per month if you lock in the yearly or multi-year package.

It can also cost more, but let’s review its features and how much Bluehost will cost you based on your needs, as well as whether it’s the right fit for what you want to use it for.

In particular, Bluehost WordPress hosting is a highly sought combination. Statistically, WordPress ranks as the top go-to website builder for a great percentage of site builders, experienced and novices alike.

Likewise, Bluehost is a highly recognizable brand name that is very widely used by many people starting a WordPress site.

One obvious reason for that is the fact that even at entry level pricing, Bluehost web hosting offers all the basic features that you might need as a beginner and beyond.

Bluehost/WordPress Combo

The most common use of Bluehost for hosting is with WordPress. As already stated, WordPress is so popular as a site building platform that a quarter of all websites are built on it.

Basically, once you log into Bluehost, you can create your domain and start your site in one sweep. You can essentially click through to WordPress from Bluehost directly. It’s a very convenient and easy setup.

You will most likely start with shared hosting, which is in general the default for most newcomers to Bluehost. This entails sharing server space with other users and is nothing to concern yourself with unless or until your website reaches around half a million monthly visits.

How Much is Bluehost Web hosting?

Pricing plans span from BASIC at $2.95 (which fits most small sites) to PRO at $13.95 a month (for first year subscribers).

(Please note that if you register your free domain courtesy of Bluehost and later decide to cancel your account, there will be a corresponding fee to keep your domain).

Although rates are at time of writing and can change per Bluehost promotional actions, below are the different plans:


  • One site: $2.95 per month with discount; $9.99 per month at renewal.
  • Top Features: 1 Website; 10 GB SSD Storage; Custom Themes; 24/7 Customer Support.


  • Multiple sites: $5.45 per month with discount, $14.99 per month at renewal.
  • Top Features: Unlimited Websites; Unlimited SSD Storage; Custom Themes; 24/7 Customer Support.

Choice Plus

  • Offers added privacy and security: $5.45 per month with discount, $18.99 per month at renewal.
  • Top Features: Unlimited Websites; Unlimited SSD Storage; Custom Themes; 24/7 Customer Support.


  • Has more power with optimized web resources: $13.95 with discount; $28.99 per month at renewal.
  • Top Features: Unlimited Websites; Unlimited SSD Storage; Custom Themes; 24/7 Customer Support; Optimized CPU resources.

All Bluehost Plans

  • All plans also include website builder availability; WordPress integration; drag and drop functionality;

  • AI-driven templates.

  • Free Domain for 1 year; Free CDN Included (super fast content delivery); Free SSL Certificate (safe data encryption)

Mid-Level Extras

Extra features for CHOICE PLUS and PRO plans are free domain privacy, free automated backup and

free dedicated IP (for PRO package).

Advanced Users - Extras

For more specialized usage, you may also be interested in the following plans:

VPS HOSTING (Your own virtual server): $19.99 with discount; $29.99 per month at renewal

  • Top features: 2 Cores; 30 GB SSD Storage; 2 GB RAM; 1 TB Bandwith; 1 IP Address; cPanel/WHM

MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING (Professional Wordpress site): $19.95 with discount, $29.99 per month at renewal.

  • Top features: All-in-one marketing center and dashboard; SEO, email marketing and social media tools included; Optimized performance for blazing site speeds; Fully managed. Different plan levels available.

DEDICATED HOSTING (fully loaded): $79.99 with discount, $119.99 per month at renewal

  • Top features: Extreme speed; Storage upgrades; Free SSL certificate; Fast provisioning custom built; Root access-advanced user; RAID storage-mirroring data for improved security and protection; Expedited dedicated specially trained support.

Choosing Your Bluehost Plan

Clearly, discounts make the prices attractive when you purchase annually and even better if you lock in the savings for 36 months. But even if you didn’t, you may still benefit from an introductory price of $2.95 per month, which gives you time to assess the situation with your website and business before 2nd year renewal at $9.99.

If you’re unsure about where your business is headed, the shorter term plan might suit you best based on the hosting features that are important to you.

The BASIC $2.95 a month plan is for most beginners with just one website. The PLUS plan allows you to do unlimited websites and with the CHOICE PLUS plan, they start to add extra features like domain privacy. The PRO plan provides features for high traffic websites that most beginners won’t need.

You can start with BASIC and upgrade when your website needs call for it. By that time, you may be interested in dropping shared hosting and opting for VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server), more powerful faster hosting, or better uptime with the PRO plan.

Again, you want to pick the best options for your specific needs and budget, which typically is not a major concern unless your site reaches a high level of sophisticated hosting, speed requirements, uptime reliability, dedicated server, etc.

Premium pricing from $79.99 to $119.99 is possible for higher-end hosting, but in that range of hosting, competition becomes a factor with hosting companies that may offer specialized and high performance features, such as WPengine, Siteground, AWS (Amazon Web Services), especially at enterprise level.

For most people starting the average website or blog, Bluehost with shared hosting, speed and uptime will prove more than satisfactory. PLUS or CHOICE PLUS also provide extra features if needed.

Desired Features

At any price point or chosen package, and whatever Bluehost WordPress hosting utilities you’re looking for, speed, uptime, security and support are essential features.

What you are looking for in speed is the ability for your webpages to load quickly. You don’t want your readers getting impatient because of embedded videos and long blog posts making your pages slow to load.

You also care about having your site up reliably, without frequent server errors or failures. Bluehost has solid uptime, server reliability and loading speed to satisfy most beginners and users.

So, unless you have a reason to require blazing speed or super high performance from your site, you will be in good shape.

Should you experience site failure, or are stumped by some functionality issue, or you can’t figure some features out, web hosting support may become a valid concern. Bluehost offers 24/7 chat or phone support with typical response and resolution same day or within 48 hours.

Their support team is professional and well-trained so that you won’t experience some nightmarish customer service scenario certain companies are infamous for. If your site requires the highest level of support and responsiveness, of course you might be better off with more high-end support services from web hosting like WPX. However, that comes with a price tag.

Regarding security, the advantage of Bluehost hosting is that they are one of the companies that specialize in Wordpress hosting. And as you may already know, WordPress operates with endless possibilities of plugins, including for site security.

So, when setting up Bluehost, you can select the option to go with the security company Sitelock that Bluehost uses, or opt for any of the various security plugins you or your developer prefer in WordPress.

Your site security plan through Bluehost via Sitelock or through select plugins is typically not a great concern as long as you follow basic security protocol like protecting your email and passwords, account authentication and the likes.

Bluehost-WordPress Functionality

Bluehost also features a dashboard just one click away from securing your domain name and getting straight access into the WordPress dashboard, which is very convenient. From there, you are set to start choosing your preferred WordPress template, then designing and customizing your site.

There is seamless functionality between your Bluehost dashboard and your WordPress use that makes Bluehost the favorite it is among WordPress sitebuilders. This combination, though not unique in this sphere, is known to be both user-friendly and intuitive - in addition to being relatively affordable.

From setting up your domain, to your email marketing tools, to a myriad of WordPress features at your fingertips, this is a great place to get started.

The entry-level plan is reasonably priced, especially if your intention is to start a business and you anticipate making money at some point. Even if you don’t lock in subsequent years at the same entry-level price point, you won’t exactly be breaking the bank either.

Low introductory pricing coupled with easy WordPress integration are some of the key reasons why Bluehost enjoys being one of the most recommended web hosting platforms by blogs and reviewers, particularly for beginners but also for most typical everyday users.

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