20 Secret Websites To Make Money, Some Not So Secret!

Our Secret Websites to Make Money list does include some not-so-secret websites, but people searching to make money online will often overlook or have simply never thought about some gems right under their eyes.

Secret Websites To Make Money

Disclosure:  We recommend products we believe to be suited for our own use and for our readers. We may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you through purchases made via affiliate links on this page.

Our list of secret websites to make money outlines 20 reputable selections, and it firmly avoids those gigs that are said to make you money, but when it comes down to it, any money you make barely allows you to pay your internet bill.

Some businesses selected for this list are potential career game-changers or are at least serious side hustles, and they won’t require years of training to get moving.

Let’s dive right into it.


Got tons of image content lying around? Making money on Alamy involves selling your photos and videos on their stock photography and videography platform. Yes, photos make money for those who approach it as a business!

Upload high-quality photos and videos to your Alamy portfolio making sure your content meets their technical and content guidelines.

Alamy is one of the largest and least restrictive stock image platforms. However, it is important that you add a catchy description and relevant search keywords to your images in order to make them discoverable by potential buyers. This tedious but necessary work.

Alamy sets the pricing for your content, and they offer a diverse pricing structure. Your content can be licensed for various purposes, including editorial, commercial, and personal use. Alamy handles the licensing agreements and payments. You earn a percentage depending on your Contributor Level and exclusivity.

Actively promote your portfolio, yourself or your brand on social media and you’ll increase your chances of making sales consistently.


While not a true online gig, care.com is a well-known website that lets you turn your caregiving skills into a source of income.

Whether you're passionate about babysitting, pet sitting, tutoring, or providing senior care, care.com connects you with people in need of your services, primarily in your local area.

You can create a profile to showcase your expertise and your availability and build trust with potential clients. Care.com offers a secure payment system to ensure you get paid hassle-free. It's a convenient and reliable way to make money while doing what you love, all while helping others in your community.


ClickBank is one of the top digital content marketplaces and e-commerce platforms viable for anyone looking to make money online.

It's a space where you can find and promote a wide range of digital products, from e-books and online courses to software and digital goods.

As an affiliate marketer, you sign up with ClickBank and choose products that align with your interests or expertise, and then promote them to earn commissions on every sale you generate.

ClickBank provides a user-friendly interface, comprehensive tracking tools, and a reliable payment system, making it a convenient choice for those seeking to monetize their online marketing efforts. You can build a steady income stream from one or multiple products with consistent effort on this medium.


Whether you're a business guru, tech expert, or creative genius, Clarity.fm can turn your expertise into a profitable venture. This is a great platform for individuals looking to monetize their unique expertise and knowledge.

Clarity.fm acts as a digital marketplace connecting experts with people seeking advice or guidance in various fields. If you have specialized skills or industry knowledge, you can sign up as an expert.

Once registered, you can set your consulting fees or hourly rates and availability. People interested in your expertise can then book calls with you to seek your insights, advice, or mentorship.

Clarity.fm offers a seamless interface, appointment scheduling tools, and secure payment processing, making it a convenient way to share your knowledge in your field and earn money by helping others.


DigiStore24 is a fast-breaking mega platform. It ought to be on your radar if you’re looking to make money online by promoting and selling digital products and services.

Indeed, DigiStore24 is a user-friendly and reliable choice for individuals seeking to monetize their digital creations or expand their income streams through affiliate marketing.

Think of it as a bustling digital marketplace where you can find a wide array of digital offerings, such as e-books, online courses, software, and more. In fact, they have a dedicated support staff that will reach out to you and point you towards potentially high-performing products.

But Digistore24 doesn’t only work for affiliate marketers. As a product creator, you can leverage DigiStore24 to market and sell your own digital products to a global audience.

Either as an affiliate or a product creator, you make a lot more money with products with a higher price point in the hundreds or in the thousands of dollars.

For instance, take a look at the potential for commissions with fast-selling courses priced at $900 or $1000+ such as the moneymaking YouTube Automation Course we introduced in our YouTube section.

The Digistore24 platform also provides robust tracking and analytics tools to help you optimize your marketing efforts. Plus, with its secure multifaceted payment system, receiving your earnings is a breeze.

There are reports of affiliates who have so far received over half a million dollars in commissions from Digistore24. Whether you're passionate about fitness, online business, or self-improvement, this is a versatile platform where you can turn your digital assets into serious income.

Their marketplace section has a vast selection of products in a variety of niches. When you find a product, you simply click on the promote button and you’ll receive your custom link to take out there and promote on your online platforms and social media.

And with digital products, results are fast! No shipping, packaging or product handling headaches. You convert and you get your commission. Next!!

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a very convenient space for individuals to buy and sell a wide range of products and services within their local community and beyond.

Whether you're looking to declutter your home, find unique items, or start a side hustle by selling all types of goods, Facebook Marketplace offers an easy and accessible way to do business.

It's a digital marketplace that interlinks communities, making it an invaluable resource for both buyers and sellers alike.

It's basically the convenience of a virtual marketplace right at your fingertips. Users can create listings for items they want to sell, or browse through listings to find items they want to buy.

It's a versatile platform where you can find everything from secondhand furniture and electronics to handmade crafts and local services.

What makes Facebook Marketplace particularly appealing is its integration with this social media giant's vast user base. This means you can quickly connect with buyers and sellers who may share mutual friends or connections, adding a layer of trust to your transactions. Plus, you can easily communicate with potential buyers or sellers through Messenger, arrange meet-ups, and negotiate prices.


Fiverr is a groundbreaking online platform that empowers freelancers to turn their skills and talents into a lucrative income stream.

In spite of its moniker, you can in fact charge quite a lot of money depending on the service that you provide.

Services can range from graphic design and content creation to programming or digital marketing, and a whole lot more. As a freelancer on Fiverr, you create a profile showcasing your expertise, you set your rates, and offer customized services to clients around the world.

Fiverr provides a user-friendly and intuitive platform with built-in messaging and payment systems, making it easy to connect with clients and get paid securely. Whether you're a creative artist, a tech wizard, or a business consultant, Fiverr offers a versatile platform to monetize your skills and build a thriving freelancing career.

It's an ideal choice for those looking to earn money while doing what they love, all on their terms. This is why on Fiverr you find all kinds of lucrative services, from ghostwriting to dancing, from coding to voiceover artists and everything in between.


GoTranscript is an online transcription and translation service that offers accurate and efficient solutions for converting audio and video content into written text.

GoTranscript is known for its commitment to accuracy and efficiency, making it a valuable resource for businesses, content creators, researchers, and individuals seeking high-quality transcription and translation services for a variety of needs.

Audio or video files uploaded to the GoTranscript platform can contain interviews, podcasts, webinars, meetings, or any spoken content that needs transcription.

GoTranscript assembles a team of skilled and vetted transcriptionists who specialize in accurately transcribing uploaded content. So, you’ll need to be professional and be proficient in the languages, accents and dialects in use.

Sometimes, the turnaround requested by clients can be on the same day or within a few hours. So, you get paid according to the demands of the job. Payments are made securely through various online methods.


Gumroad is a platform that allows creators to sell digital products directly to their audience.

While it may not be as widely known as some major e-commerce platforms, Gumroad has gained popularity among independent creators, artists, writers, musicians, and other content producers.

It provides a user-friendly interface for setting up and managing online storefronts, selling digital goods, and building a dedicated customer base.

Gumroad is particularly appreciated for its flexibility and simplicity, making it an attractive choice for creators looking to monetize their digital creations without the complexities of larger e-commerce platforms.

As with all digital products, there are no fulfillment costs, which makes it even easier to profit from selling your eBooks, courses, songs, albums, soundtracks, or any other digital audio content setting your own price and distribution terms.


OfferUp is a popular online marketplace that simplifies the buying and selling of goods within local communities.

It operates as a user-friendly app and website and makes it easy for people to list items they want to sell and browse for products they wish to buy.

OfferUp's interface is intuitive and allows users to quickly upload photos and descriptions of their items and negotiate prices through the platform.

What sets OfferUp apart is its focus on safety and trust. The app achieves this by including user profiles and ratings. It helps buyers and sellers build credibility within the community. Users also have the option of communicating securely through the app without revealing personal contact information until they're comfortable doing so.

A wide range of product categories is offered, from electronics and furniture to clothing and collectibles. Individuals looking to declutter their homes and entrepreneurs seeking to start small businesses will appreciate the versatile setup.

Whether you're searching for a great deal or hoping to make good money by selling your stuff, OfferUp is a trustable and reliable resource for buying and selling goods.


Rev.com is a reputable online platform that offers transcription, captioning, and translation services to businesses and individuals. It also provides opportunities for freelancers to make money by working as transcriptionists, captioners, or translators.

You will start by completing an application process, which may include a transcription or captioning test to assess your skills. Rev.com is known for its strict selection process, so make sure to demonstrate your proficiency in grammar, punctuation, and attention to detail.

Once accepted, you can log in to the platform and browse available jobs. Rev.com offers a variety of audio and video content, including interviews, lectures, and more. You can select projects that match your skills and interests.

For transcription and captioning jobs, you will listen to audio or video files and type out the spoken content verbatim. Captioning specifically involves adding subtitles to videos. Rev.com provides detailed style guidelines for you to follow.

If you're fluent in multiple languages, you can work as a translator for documents, subtitles, or captions in various language pairs.

The rate of pay varies depending on the type of work, difficulty, and audio quality. Captioners typically earn more per minute than transcribers. Consistently delivering accurate work while meeting deadlines will lead to better opportunities and earnings potential.

Making money on Rev.com can be a reliable source of income if you are detail-oriented and have strong language skills. The platform offers flexibility, allowing you to work from anywhere, and you can increase your earnings as you gain experience and improve your skills.


Rover.com is a highly popular and trusted platform for pet owners and pet sitters alike.

This innovative app serves as a bridge, connecting pet parents with experienced pet caregivers in their local area. Pet owners can use the Rover app to search for reliable and caring individuals who offer services like dog walking, pet boarding, pet sitting, and more.

The Rover app provides a convenient way for pet sitters to list their services, showcase their expertise, and set their own rates. It also includes features such as scheduling tools, secure payment processing, and reviews and ratings, which help establish trust between pet owners and caregivers.

For pet owners, the Rover app offers peace of mind knowing that their beloved pets are in capable hands while they're away. It allows them to find the ideal caregiver who matches their pet's needs and preferences.

In a nutshell, the Rover app has revolutionized the way pet care services are accessed and provided. It brings together pet lovers and caregivers, creating a community built on trust and convenience, ensuring that pets receive the love and attention they deserve when their owners are unavailable.


Scribby is a transcription service platform that connects freelance transcribers with clients seeking accurate transcriptions of audio or video content. Here's how it works:

You sign up as a transcriber and create an account on Scribby.com with your details and qualifications. Clients upload audio or video files that need transcribing onto the platform.

As a transcriber, you can browse available jobs and choose the ones you want to work on. You listen to the audio or video and type out the content verbatim or you go over a transcript - sometimes computer generated - to make sure it’s error-free in terms of spelling, grammar or otherwise.

Scribby pays transcribers based on the length or complexity of the content they transcribe through secure online payment methods. Some jobs offer a fixed rate per audio minute or an hourly rate which could be $20 per hour. It varies greatly, but you get paid on a regular schedule, weekly or monthly.


Shutterstock is one of many stock photos and videos sites where you can make money selling your art. Do you happen to have a gorgeous dog? How about a rare breed of cat as a pet? Guess what? You can make hundreds of dollars with any captivating photos or videos that you care to sell.

This is no longer the preserve of professional photographers. Anyone with a decent cell phone camera can take stunning pictures that image hunters of all types are interested in buying for various uses.

Just make sure you’re providing a quality product and diligently supply images related to popular and evergreen themes like business, technology, healthcare, family, pets, travel and lifestyle which tend to sell well.

Niche hobbies with mages related to specific interests can also find a buying market. For example, images of model trains, vintage cameras, or rare collectibles may be sought after by enthusiasts.

Likewise, vintage and retro images that evoke a sense of nostalgia or capture a vintage aesthetic often used in marketing and design to create a nostalgic mood can sell.

There are many other categories to exploit by simple trial and error. Your images can reach a global audience, potentially leading to passive income sales from buyers around the world.


TryMyUi, also known as trymata.com, is a usability testing platform that pays you to test websites or apps and provide user experience feedback. This service is extremely valuable for certain brands. So, they’re willing to pay for it.

Once you're registered, you'll receive notifications about available usability testing opportunities. You'll need to complete a short qualification test for each opportunity to ensure you meet the specific requirements set by the client.

If you qualify, you'll be asked to perform specific tasks on a website or app while recording your screen and speaking your thoughts out loud. This process helps businesses gather feedback on the digital products they’re trying to sell.

TryMyUI typically pays testers for each completed test. Payments can vary but usually range from $5 to $10 per test. Keep in mind that making money will also depend on the quantity and availability of tests.


In a nutshell, udemy,com is an online learning platform that offers a vast library of courses on a wide range of subjects. It allows learners to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones at their own pace through video-based instruction.

You can essentially record a class or tutorial that you’re teaching on a basic screen recording or put together a slideshow of your lesson and sell it on udemy.com.

One advantage of Udemy is that, provided that you can spark a bit of traffic and interest around your course, they will promote your course for you.

However, the tradeoff is that they will basically split the income with you. It’s an arrangement that works best if you’re starting out with very little experience. As you get more sophisticated, a platform like Koji which is a bit broader will probably appeal to you more.


Upwork is a dynamic online platform that has long served as a hub for freelancers and clients seeking a wide range of services. It's a marketplace where talented individuals from all over the world can offer their skills in areas like web development, graphic design, content writing, and many others.

Clients, in turn, can easily find the right freelancers for their projects, allowing for flexible and efficient collaboration. Upwork offers solid tools for project management, secure payment processing, and communication.

Both freelancers and businesses have thrived on Upwork thanks to its global reach and diverse talent pool. Freelancers can build successful careers in their area of interest. Likewise, clients get to access specialized expertise at price points that they can manage.


UserTesting is another usability testing platform that allows you to earn money by testing websites, apps, and digital products.

You'll need to provide some demographic information during the registration process in order to be matched with available testing opportunities based on your demographic profile. You may also be asked to answer screener questions to determine if you qualify for a particular test.

If you qualify for a test, you'll be given specific tasks to perform on a website or app while recording your screen and speaking your thoughts to articulate both positive aspects and areas for improvement.

UserTesting pays testers for each completed test. Payments typically range from $10 to $60 per test depending on the complexity and length of the test.

Typically, usability testing is best suited for individuals looking to make a bit of extra cash in their spare time while providing valuable feedback to companies that seek to enhance their digital products and user experiences.


Voiceover work or voice acting involves using your voice to provide narration, character voices, or other audio content for various media, including commercials, animations, video games, audiobooks, and more.

Voices.com brings together those looking for a "voice" and those wishing to find work.

This gig offers flexibility in terms of when and where you work. Payment for voice-over work varies widely depending on factors such as the project type, your experience, and the client's budget.

Rates can range from a few dollars for short projects to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for larger, high-profile projects. It's a good idea to negotiate payment terms upfront.

Voice acting can potentially be a significant source of income, especially for experienced professionals who secure consistent gigs, voice iconic characters, or work on well-known projects. However, many voice actors start by taking on smaller gigs and gradually work their way up to more substantial projects.

This can be either a supplemental or primary source of income. Building a portfolio, networking, and marketing your skills are important for standing out. Training and practice are also essential for improving your craft and increasing your earning potential.


YouTube is a remarkable online platform that has revolutionized the way we consume and create content, offering a multitude of exciting possibilities.

It allows users to upload, share, and discover videos on an immense range of topics, making it a versatile and engaging space.

With YouTube, you can share your passions and expertise with a global audience whether you're into cooking, gaming, travel, education, or any other niche interest.

Moreover, YouTube has made possible the creation of new career paths for content creators. With the potential for monetization through ads, channel memberships, merchandise, and brand partnerships, it's possible to turn your YouTube channel into a sustainable source of income.

YouTube has also become a hub for education and learning. It hosts countless tutorials, how-to guides, and educational channels that enable people to acquire new skills and knowledge. This democratization of education has made learning accessible to a worldwide audience.

YouTube has unlocked incredible opportunities for creativity, expression, education, and entrepreneurship. It is a platform seemingly filled with endless potential that continues to offer boundless possibilities for personal, professional and financial growth. Some YouTubers are able to make $100,000 and more per month with their channel through ad revenues, affiliate marketing, selling a course or other digital products.

One final point on YouTube is that, unlike other platforms, as long as your channel stays live, the content you share on YouTube remains active and available to new and old users for years on end and continues to potentially make you money indefinitely.

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