Publisher Newsletter Templates:
Using Newsletters as a Lucrative Gig!

Publisher newsletter templates tremendously facilitate email marketing, which continues to be one of highest return on investment for online businesses.

With the right newsletter strategy, not only does email marketing not have to be a chore, you also get a highly effective tool to monetize newsletters and your email marketing as a whole.

Woman sitting on park bench, typing on laptop. Writing your newsletters can be easier with Publisher Newsletter Templates.

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The best publisher newsletter templates are highly customizable, mobile friendly and allow you to stop sending out newsletters that don’t generate revenue or require too much effort for too little gain.

Skip to the bottom to go right to our list of top Publisher Newsletter templates, but this article also discusses why you should stop creating free newsletters and turn your newsletters into a lucrative marketing tool.

Newsletters as a Lucrative Gig

Newsletters can fit into almost any niche imaginable. On sites like Substack and other providers of publisher newsletter templates, you can make a lot of money if you approach things correctly. You can actually use your social media platforms to build a loyal following.

And while this is always a worthwhile pursuit in online marketing, you don’t necessarily need to attract a sizable readership.

Instead, the best way to make money from newsletter writing is to build a following of devoted readers, some of whom are willing to pay for your content.

How Much Can You Make with Newsletters?

The income from newsletters varies greatly, and success largely depends on your approach.

Newsletter earnings can range from nothing to six figures per year or beyond, depending on the writer's objectives, strategies, and level of dedication.

The majority of newsletters are catered to be distributed to email lists as free newsletters supporting other goods and services.

The better option might be to publish newsletters as their own remunerative business entity. Some even publish paid newsletters and make a comfortable living solely from proceeds of the newsletters they create.

It also does not hurt the bottom line that the cost of creating newsletters is nominal. With the right newsletter you can make money hand over fist spending virtually nothing.

Starting a Newsletter

If you want to start a newsletter and make money from it, you must start by choosing a topic or subtopic that appeals to readers, and then establish a relationship with a readership that finds your content valuable and is willing to spend money on it.

For example, if you are knowledgeable about the recent male trend of growing and grooming a full beard, you can build a following of people who will find your articles relatable and may be open to spending money on the beard-grooming products that you recommend.

Technically speaking, it is remarkably simple to begin creating and launching a newsletter using any of the platforms mentioned in this post.

If you choose from the list of Publisher Newsletter Templates below, you may wish to try a couple of the options first, to find one that fits your needs best.

There are numerous features offered by each platform, and no advanced technical or design knowledge is required.

The process of incorporating various content types into newsletters is also getting simpler. On some of the platforms, podcasts and video content can now be easily set into the written articles.

Monetizing your content is also surprisingly easy and more straightforward than other more popular options such as a YouTube channel or a blog.

How to Monetize Newsletters

Affiliate Marketing

This one comes to mind first because, from the very first newsletter email that you send out, you can display affiliate links. One of the best things about affiliate marketing is that there are no hard-and-fast requirements to get started.

All you need for your newsletter and affiliate marketing is an affiliate program or product link, and your email list. That’s it, you’re in business!

Similar to a referral program, affiliate marketing pays you a commission for every customer who makes a purchase after clicking on your custom affiliate link (usually provided by the affiliate program you are promoting).

The majority of affiliate programs allow you to apply and get your affiliate link the same day or shortly after. Because of this, monetizing an email list through affiliate marketing requires only minimal effort.

Sponsored Newsletters and Advertisements

Newsletter advertising and sponsorships are the two main revenue sources for publications.

Like other sponsored content, newsletter ads function in a similar fashion. Businesses and brands provide a link to their product or service which you place inside your email newsletter.

These links may come with some promotional text and/or a picture of the company's merchandise or logo (called marketing creatives).

Paid Newsletters

A paid newsletter is one that charges subscribers a fee in order to receive daily or periodical editions of the publication.

Paid newsletters frequently include unique content, including news, commentary, original reporting, and market research.

Since it is increasingly rare and difficult to get anyone to pay for an online publication, most subscribers are introduced first to a free newsletter before getting pitched an upgrade to the paid version of the newsletter.

Instead of brand awareness, newsletter sponsors usually seek a more direct return on their investment. Metrics such as open rate, click-through rate, and sales volume are used to assess effectiveness.

How Many Subscribers Are Necessary to Make Money From A Newsletter?

Many people believe that you need a sizable list to generate income from an email newsletter, but that isn’t always the case. It’s almost always more profitable to have a smaller, more focused email list than a larger, untargeted list.

There are no cut-and-dry guidelines on how many subscribers you need to monetize newsletters.

The following strategies are monetization facilitators with varying numbers of newsletter subscribers:

Affiliate links

If you only receive a small commission from any sales, it will take a large number of active subscribers to make money.

However, if you promote high-ticket products or services, only a small number of trusting subscribers is needed to use your affiliate links in order to make a sizable profit.

Newsletter Subscriptions

The majority of customers do not want to spend money on paid newsletters. So, relatively speaking, you will get fewer paying subscribers, but at least you’ll keep most if not all the money from subscriptions.


You can earn a respectable living from sponsored content without an extremely large number of subscribers.

However, you’ll need to invest time and effort in building a list that is highly engaged before brands will want to partner with you.

Promoting Your Own Products

Because you get to keep all the money from product sales (minus product cost), you may need relatively fewer subscribers, depending on how much your product costs.

Booking Clients

To make money you may only need a small number of subscribers to hire you. It mostly depends on how much money you charge for your services.

Newsletter Writing Tips

It’s important to keep in mind that writing newsletters frequently involves a lot of preparation.

You’ll need to select a topic, which ought to be something you are both knowledgeable and enthusiastic about.

Consistently publish high-quality product one to four times a week. Once or twice a month may also work depending on the topic that you write about, but try to stick to whichever schedule you deem effective for you.

Do not neglect a strategy for promoting your articles. Writing a newsletter is only half the game and does absolutely no good if no one gets to read it but yourself.

Publisher Newsletter Templates

  • Briar by SliceJack: “simple, clean design you can easily use to send stunning beautiful newsletters”.

  • Campaign Monitor: “pre-built, mobile ready email template to help guide where to place content for maximum impact”.

  • Constant Contact: “newsletters that forge real connections with your customers. Choose from pre-designed newsletter templates or customize to match your business”.

  • ConvertKit: paid newsletter tool - highly customizable and with dynamic visual automations, all rapidly buildable.

  • EmailOctopus: newsletters made easy - no hassle so you can focus on creating great content and building relationships with your readers.

  • Flodesk: create a high-converting email newsletter “in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee or tea”.

  • HubSpot: has an extensive template library and straightforward drag-and-drop functionality to easily create newsletters with a branded look & feel.

  • MailerLite: newsletter templates “created by designers and copywriters that you can adjust to your needs”.

  • Moonsend: newsletters that feel like they were custom-made for every reader. Personalization with “the smartest, most powerful features around”.

  • Sender: “library of professionally designed templates, or build your own unique design in minutes with no coding required”.

  • Substack: newsletter, blog, payment system, and customer support team, all integrated seamlessly.

  • Themezy: newsletter template that is fully responsive and 100% free to use in your email newsletters.

  • 99designs: from professional designers to make your newsletter vision come to life, or host a design contest with designers from around the world.

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