ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Bit By Bit

The ClickFunnels affiliate program is a key component of the ClickFunnels panoply of online business tools. It is particularly relevant to you if you are interested in promoting ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

You may have heard about the hefty 40% recurring commissions offered in the ClickFunnels affiliate program and want to learn more.

My Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Guide will leave you smiling like this woman at her computer.

Disclosure:  We recommend products we believe to be suited for our own use and for our readers. We may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you through purchases made via affiliate links on this page.

The good news is, ClickFunnels is an easy WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) site builder. What that means is that you don't have to be technical at all to design or build with it. If you can click and drag, you're in business!

The better news is, founder Russell Brunson and his crew wanted to create a one-stop-shop to facilitate getting and converting more leads so that everyone can do what they do better, which is to sell! Funnels, ClickFunnels especially, help you do that.

By joining ClickFunnels affiliate program, you're in good company if your goal is to improve your sales, whether you're a newbie or a mega enterprise looking to increase online sales. The ClickFunnels affiliate program is an excellent way to add to your personal finance education and make more money.

ClickFunnels is a great tool with well over 100,000 users, a not too shabby indicator that, indeed, it works. The way it works is through the design and use of sales funnels.

A funnel is basically a series of step action pages that operate as a marketing channel to gently usher potential buyers from first contact to closing a sale.

A funnel helps to show your customers how the problem they came to investigate a solution for can be solved with the product or service presented. Page one of the funnel will begin by pulling people in and collecting their information.

Then, the funnel will work to show your leads how the product or service solves their problem. In fact, it will even overdeliver because selling often requires a bit of convincing.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Basic Steps

When your customer has warmed up to the idea that your product or service will solve their problem, it gets much easier to direct them to the purchase stage and get the sale. A funnel is basically a step-by-step process to move your leads from start to finish with minimum friction.

  • Step 1:  You start with a landing page that is inviting and has very low resistance.  A common approach is offering the sought-out product or service at a discount. You can also offer a freebie - because who doesn't like getting a goodie for free, right?

    You may also use a pitch such as describing the superior quality of your product or service, or the new and novel aspects it presents.

    Whatever your opt-in message, your landing page helps you to pull in leads by exchanging your enticing offer for an email address which is a relatively low commitment for your potential buyer to make.

  • Step 2: Having received their email, you direct your leads to the next page where you tout the value and great quality of your product and service or how it will solve their problem, "and then some" (remember, this is your chance to convince!)

    This page could house a video of your product or service, or simply a list of the many attributes and qualities that will help solve the problem they are looking to solve. You want to present the product or service in a way that overdelivers.

    (Note: ClickFunnels offers free "share videos" that ClickFunnels affiliate program members are welcome to use. They are an added professional pitch to help you promote funnels).

    So, you get the email address via the “lead magnet”; then, you send your leads to the next page where they are introduced to the “teasers”. Finally, you give your best pitch on the attributes of the product or service they are getting and how it will definitively solve their problem.

  • Step 3: At this point, if you warmed them up sufficiently, your potential customers are ready to be presented with the purchase page and are set to pull the trigger!

That, in a nutshell is what a sales funnel does. And with a few clicks of a button, ClickFunnels helps you set one up to bring in more leads and convert more easily. You can check it out by taking advantage of their 14-day free, no commitment trial.

What happens after the 14-day trial is, if you find ClickFunnels to be a good fit for you, they offer month-to-month membership that you are free to cancel anytime.

What you will discover is the vast suite of marketing tools that is ClickFunnels. They do a great job introducing their entire toolkit. They have also become well known for teaching tens of thousands of entrepreneurs the fundamentals for success as an online business, as well as offline.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Quick Start Guide

After you have created your account, you will be able to log into ClickFunnels and click on "Funnels" in the main area. As you will see, you can either buy ready-made funnels that cover a myriad of selling scenarios or create your own. If so:

  • Click on "Create New Funnel".
  • Next, you click on "Collect Emails" and name it.
  • Then, "Email Opt-in".
  • And "Click Build Funnel".

Here, you have a vast selection of templates:

  • Click "Select Template" (this will create a funnel page for you)
  • Then, click on "Edit Page" and edit your funnel (to edit something, just click on it)
  • Enter your pitch ("Grab The Free Report" is where you can offer them a freebie, discount, etc., and ask them to enter their email address. If you use a video, introduce what the video is about here).
  • Click "Save" to complete the page.
  • Now, go to "Add New Step". The funnels have different sections. For sales, click on "Sales". There is an option with a VSL (Video Sales Letter) template in which you can add some writing (video can be added later).
  • For the order page, click again on "Add New Step" and name your order form.   

For any edits, go back to "Edit Page" and click on any part you wish to edit.

You can also do integrations with many programs:

  • Click "Edit Page"
  • "Settings"
  • "Integrations": Select the program you want

Exit to grab the URL of your completed funnel. You are ready to upload it to your website, embed it in your email campaign or share it on the internet to sell your products or services, pitch affiliate offers, etc.

ClickFunnels Support can help you with any of the above steps. The 14-day free trial will let you start right away and find out whether this is a good fit for your project or not.

Best of all, you can immediately become an affiliate and start earning money with your very own customized affiliate links and the generous ClickFunnels affiliate program commissions of up to 40%. Feel free to join and learn more.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Program Tools

At time of publication, new affiliates start with the following:


Create and launch your first (or next) funnel in just 30 days! Russell Brunson and his two top coaches guide you every step of the way, every day for 30 days.

Click here to promote One Funnel Away Challenge as an affiliate and get $100 commission for each person you get to join.


Discover how to start generating profits INSTANTLY. Get access to the proven email formula that gets clicks and sales over and over again. How to maximize your high ticket sales in 3 simple steps.​ Want this book? Get it here.

The definitive “underground playbook” for starting, growing, and scaling your online business. This book details all the processes, funnels, and scripts you need to make your business grow.

Promote Dotcom Secrets as an affiliate and earn up to $996 commission on multiple backend offers with the $1 per book sale commission.


Position yourself as THE EXPERT in your field to become the ‘go-to’ authority and the ONLY choice for your prospects and customers to buy from.

How to find your ‘voice’ and become a confident leader. Build a mass movement of raving fans who can’t get enough of what you have to offer​. Get the step-by-step formula for being a highly paid coach, consultant, and speaker​. Want this book? Get it here.

Promote Expert Secrets as an affiliate and earn up to $926 commission on multiple backend offers with the $1 per book sale commission.


Get more traffic of DREAM CUSTOMERS to your website or funnel with these 20+ virtually unknown traffic secrets detailed in this new book.

​Understanding exactly who your dream customer is. Discovering where they are congregating; and​ throwing out the hooks that will grab their attention and pull them into your funnels so you can tell them a story and make them an offer.​ Want this book? Get it here.

Promote Traffic Secrets and earn up to $248.60 commission on multiple backend offers with the $1 per book sale commission.

As a Tier 1 affiliate, you can receive 40% commission on all Front End offers. As a new ClickFunnels affiliate program member, you will also earn 20% commission on purchases of ClickFunnels subscriptions from your Front End buyers.

Once you have earned $1,000 in commissions in a month you can become an approved 30% commission earning affiliate (recurring monthly - by applying to "dream car status" of the Clickfunnels affiliate program).

Click here to read more about ClickFunnels.

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